Serpent’s Tale

Serpent's Tale

Serpent’s Tale

Serpent’s Tale is the saxophone quartet I lead. Gustave Savy is on baritone sax, Jackie Gumb on tenor, Morag Shuaib on alto, and myself on soprano.

Our current repertoire ranges from Bach, Handel and Mozart via Puccini and Piazzola to Pink Panther and Looney Tunes.

We got together in October 2013 and have our first proper gig at the beautiful St Stephen’s Church in central Bristol at lunchtime (1.10 -1.55) on 24th March 2014.

The name Serpent’s Tale is a reference to the saxophone’s “bad boy” image in the classical music world. Come and hear the much-maligned shiny beast give its side of the story!

Review 24/03/14 by event organiser David Mowat on facebook:

SERPENT’S TAIL at Saint Stephen’s Church today was a great event. Drawing the largest audience for months (50) they filled the space with their warm, expressive, well-rehearsed ensemble playing. The choice of music, from Mozart and Bach to cartoon music and tango was very entertaining…….. a deservedly popular act we really want to come back!

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